Panamera Killer?

22w ago


So this is it, the new four door AMG GT 63 S, a mouthful yes but there is a lot more to it than the surface level says. First thing you need to know about this car is that is does not replace the CLS nor does it replace it. This is a brand new car from Mercedes.

The Bloodline...

The GT 63 S is a completely new model following in the footsteps of the GT line of cars. The current line up consists of the GT Coupe, GT Roadster, GT S Coupe, GT C Coupe, GT C Roadster and the flagship GT R coupe. Adding a four door variant for this line of car seems unnecessary, but at closer logic when you see Mercedes filling the gap to finally bring a Porsche Panamera rival, it all starts to make sense.

What's On Offer?

The AMG GT 4 door comes in a "base model" turbocharged 320 kW V6 53 4Matic+ which doesn't sound like much but bear in mind this model also features an electric supercharger, and two V8 variants in the form of a GT 63 4Matic+ and GT 63 S 4Matic+. Power is 430kW and 800Nm for the 63 and 470 kW in the 63 S 4Matic and 900 Nm of torque while 0-100 is dealt with in 3.2 seconds. The V8 powerhouses are also equipped with cylinder deactivation technology and will deactivate 4 cylinders of the V8 to save fuel in driving conditions when they aren't needed.

What else do you get?

Mercedes AMG cars have now seem to integrate gorgeous interior with a sporty nature. You can feel how classy it is, but the sticthing, sport steering, paddles and carbon fibre set it a class above else. In my opinion, Mercedes AMG are wining with interiors right now. Other features include the V8 motors getting a multi-clutch 9-speed transmissions that allow for coma inducing launch controls at traffic lights to impress your mates or for a YouTube video featuring reactions. The V6 has a 9-speed torque converter with a race start mode.

Will it Drift and make all my videos for Instagram look cool? Yes!

All models have 4-wheel-drive, but the drift mode from the E63 has been included as standard on the GT 63 S and is available as an option on the other models. So, if you are brave enough to try it and upload it, please do show us.

Finally, it seems like AMG have built a Panamera rival with enough tech and power to make it take note. The question is though, will it be enough? We think so, but we are also glad AMG have stepped up to the plate to directly take on a car that seemingly dominated the segment. Once officially launched to the press we can find out, until then, we wait.