Panda Army – when a 4x4 is not enough

If you can’t afford a Lamborghini Aventador, these guys got you covered

The mighty Fiat Panda 4x4, in its first, iconic embodiment launched in 1983, is not new to deliver mindblowing performances. Despite its frugal origins and its 54 CV only, the Panda 4x4 remains particularly appreciated in off-road use, thanks to its low weight and considerable agility.

If a standard Panda 4x4 wasn’t enough, this one has gone the extra mile swapping out its wheels for tank treads. This last evolution of the iconic Pandino has been realized by the three guys behind the YouTube channel Carmagheddon, together with Arexons, an Italian car care and maintenance products manufacturer, and the GMG Garage in Cogne (AO), Italy.

Nothing new, in the end: replacing wheels with track conversion kit has already been done, not least on Richard Hammond’s Ford Focus RS in The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt, or in the aforementioned experience with a Lamborghini Aventador that, spoiler alert, went horribly wrong. But how can’t you have a soft spot for the glorious Panda?

Named Panda Army and painted accordingly, besides tank-like tracks the heavily modded car also sports new bumpers, renewed shock absorbers and a custom-made carbon fibre steering wheel. The Panda Army has then been tested on a gruelling, snowy off-road track on the Alps.

Watch how the Panda Army was built and see it in action.

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  • Not too sure about the need for tracks - doesn't seem to be much that the 'normal' 4x4 Panda cannot do for most people's requirements..

      8 days ago