It’s Friday night and the end of another long week of housewife and mothering duties for me. The children are asleep and I’m enjoying a chilled glass of Rosé wine while I write this post, the idea for which came to me in the shower this morning.

I had time while waiting for a Doctor’s appointment this morning to rough out a draft in my notebook . By notebook, I mean paper and pen I like doing it old school because I’m technologically challenged to say the least.

Driving a nice car that you have genuine feelings for has a lot of really good points, but also some bad points as well. One of those bad points is constantly worrying about where you are going to park your car.

The worry being that you must protect your car from those sub-humans who think that it’s OK to open a door onto a car while getting in and out. You know the types who don’t even think that what they are doing is bad in anyway?

To avoid them do you have a special place where you park your car that only you know about? I do in my home town, it’s an area just over a car’s width wide, so no one else can squeeze in next to me and it has a fence on either side so even if someone does park on the other side of the fence there is no way they can hit my car.

I told my friend, who is not a car person, about my special parking place and her reply was ‘that’s a long way to walk to the shops’. This is true, but it’s a small price to pay for a bit of peace of mind and a little bit of extra walking is good for you anyway, right?

When I do have to park in an actual car park, I will always choose a space as far away as possible in order to avoid someone parking next to me. But, this is what really annoys me, when I come out from the shops I find that some douche has come and parked next to me even though there are plenty of other spaces still available. Like really, what is their problem!

On street parking is also another strategy you can use to avoid the possibility of a car door ding. However you run the risk of getting a bumper scrape instead or an errant pedestrian walking passed and scratching your car.

When I park on the street I try to find a nice place away from high pedestrian traffic. If there are any shopping trolleys nearby, I always push them further away so they cannot accidently roll into my car. I also like to find a place under a tree in summer, but here lies even more problems.

Inevitably a bird will poo on my car or even worse the tree will drop sap on it, both of which do permanent damage to the paintwork if I don’t remove it immediately.

So what do I do if I have to visit somewhere that I consider unsafe for parking? I don’t take the good car or I just don’t go there at all. This means my life revolves constantly around where I am going on a particular day and what car I need to be driving and this can get tiresome to say the least.

I know I’m not alone with these irrational thoughts. So I would like to know what lengths you have gone to in order to avoid parking your car where it may be damaged. I look forward to reading your stories in the comments.

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