Parking Dispute Ended With Angry Driver Getting Run Over By His Own Car

Lost tempers won't make you think straight

3y ago

We've all been there, right? You're slowly driving through a crowded block looking for a space to parallel park into, suddenly you spot someone walking and jumping into their car. You wait patiently so they can drive out of the space so you can take their place. Instead of leaving promptly the parked car takes their sweet time, making you look like the asshole for causing a traffic backup right behind you.

We're venturing a guess that is what happened here in Malabar, Australia, where the Honda CR-V driver waited for the Mercedes cargo van to leave their spot. Instead of having just the right amount of patience, the CR-V driver decided to move forward just enough so that they could no longer properly let the cargo van out and parallel park into the spot. Once he noticed that the van had intended on leaving, he decided to backup into traffic. That's where it all went downhill.

There is an unspoken automotive rule here that once you moved forward enough in a parallel parking situation that you've basically given up on that space. There's also a general automotive rule that you should put your car in PARK before you step out of your car. Unfortunately, for the dashcam driver, the CR-V driver was flustered and angry enough from all the honking that he forgot this very important rule and ended up getting clotheslined by his own car.

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