I​ like toying with the idea of hypothetical experiments and couldn't stop looking at the previous post and how much it blew up. I have decided to bring this back and have more fun. Lets promote more excitement and thrill. So let's get to this.

A​n Electric Accord Type R to rival the upcoming Hyundai Sonata N

​Hyundai is a company trying new things, spicing it up with whatever they lay their hands on. Long story short, their dropping everyone's jaws, especially with word on the street being that a new Sonata N is supposed to make its way here. Honda hears of this and decides to respond with an Accord Type R, but here's the catch, it'll be pure electric with a range of 450 miles and 460 HP, supported by a full-time AWD with 50/50 power distribution. All of this is just for giggles, but to also build up on the performance credentials. the Civic Type R's steering unit will also make its way into the Accord Type R and the chassis will be tweaked more to handle and corner as a real Honda should. Honda decides it'll deal batteries with Panasonic and improve on battery tech for all their future EVs worldwide. Only a decent 2,000 units will be made in total. 500 units will stay back at Japan, another 500 will be scattered across Honda's prominent remaining markets in Europe. Finally, the last 1,000 that are sent to the states will be scattered in dealers around the states. The pricing will start at a decent $34,100 and will top out at $39,500.

A​ seriously bonkers, all-out Volvo V90, S90, XC90 Polestar to go after the Germans

N​ow, I know you're probably thinking "But, Volvo has decided to make Polestar a dedicated EV brand" or "Volvo has decided to limit it's cars' high speed to 112 MPH" and those two will definitely sound opposite to what I have in mind. My vision of Polestar will definitely side with EVs making their way into the future lineup. However, before Volvo makes the full transition to EVs, I'd say that Volvo needs to complete their time with Internal Combustion Engine with a bang by building a bespoke, modular/sizable RWD-based-AWD-only chassis for the full-on, berserk Polestar performance variants of the ideal triple threat with the S90, V90, and XC90. This chassis will also be heavily tweaked with a ton of flexibility and proper driving dynamics. The steering will also be recalibrated for more feel and proper weight. Polestar will build an in-house Supercharged 4.9L straight-6 with mild hybrid assist putting out 580 HP stock, but factory modifications can make it capable for up to 680 HP. The powertrain will be designed to fit in all the cars' engine bays of the cars. Add to that, the 4.9L Straight 6 will sound superb. This layout can also be fitted on the Polestar Engineered variants of S60s, V60s, and XC60s too. The idea is to make Polestar a true standalone, badass, and exciting performance division of Volvo to re-work on Volvo's regular cars in everything from chassis tuning, technology, etc. More other crazy exciting experiments would be on the way. The S90/V90 Polestar's ideal weight will be around 3,800 lbs, whereas the XC90 will be 4,000 lbs. These performance variants will NEVER be handicapped with the 112 MPH limiter. Top speed will now be adjusted to 190 MPH.

A​ new FJ cruiser to go up against the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco

I​f Wranglers are selling by the boat loads and Ford decided to get a solid slice of the 4x4 market with the Bronco, you best bet Toyota wouldn't want to toss this opportunity up. The render above is a great description of what a new 2020 FJ ought to look like. The 4Runner's platform is a great place to start with the 4Runner's platform being true and proven technology over time. The new FJ will come with a solid axle as default. A simple, yet timeless + retro design will work wonders for the entire package of the product. A newly revised version of the Tundra's 5.7L V8 will be at the top of the line as it will be retuned and modernized for more power at 585 HP and 550 lb ft of torque. 3.0L I6 will be the base engine producing 320 HP and 350 lb ft of torque. The new 2020 FJ will come from the factory with Toyota's lifetime warranty, stock for stock.

H​onorable Mentions: A new Crown Vic and Pacifica Hellcat

I​ thought I would finish this by saying Ford heading in the direction of Electric cars and overall tech, Ford ought to bring back the Crown Vic (The Interceptor concept) with both a Hybrid V8 and an Electric option for doing both Police and Taxi duties. Sure, Ford may have cancelled passenger cars in North America, but in an alternate dimension, the passenger cars never sleep. Since the Crown Vic would be a car to serve civilians, it would come from the factory as a robustly built sedan to take in all the abuse and instead of a Body on Frame, it'll come on a unibody with smooth magneride dampening. It'll also come with both the Mustang's slightly detuned 5.0L V8 and the Mach E's battery tech with some tweaking to break solid 400+ mile range territory. The only cars keeping the legacy of the police car alive today are Dodge Chargers only, so Ford? if you want to reclaim your crown, now is the chance!

P​acifica Hellcat

I​f I were to summarize this wonderful creation: FCA, since you had the balls to go all out with Hellcats, Trackhawks, etc., you should Hellcat-ify this machine as well, just so we can haul everyone to their soccer games on time and smoke Teslas on the weekends!

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Comments (12)

  • I'm going to be honest, an electric type r accord does not sound right

      12 days ago
    • A regular Accord Type R does tho

        12 days ago
    • Sure, different strokes for different folks I guess, but it's absurd in a cool way in terms of performance, so it's win for me. A proper Honda with lovely chassis dynamics and driving experience it's sister, the Civic Type R, offers. Except...

      Read more
        12 days ago
  • And I forgot this one. A GT3 variant of the new Vantage. Kind of like the GT12 they did befote

      12 days ago
    • A new, gutted out pure driver's version of the Aston Vantage would be a solid hell yes! Though I think the AMR fills that space, but I could be wrong.

        12 days ago
    • I dont think the AMR is really on that same level. I think it was just a limited edition at the start of production but I could be wrong

        12 days ago