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    Lets look at things from an alternate perspective, shall we?


    For all these years, P​orsche enjoyed building its lovely sports cars for many who loved and still love them. However, they recently figured it didn't just want to appeal to only car enthusiasts, but genuine bike heads as well with the all new Porsche Cafe Racer and a new "Ferdinand Edition" will be present as the first 50 examples that roll out from the assembly line are launch editions. 600 units will be built in total. The heart of this machine will be an air-cooled boxer-4 rated at a simple 2 liters. Chassis tuning will be flexible and rated to the decent level of sportiness while also providing a bolstered seat for comfort. The suspension will be firm, but not troubling to provide a compliant ride. The total weight of the new Cafe Racer will be sitting at 600 lbs. To top it all off, the MSRP of the bike will be set at a simple $11,000.


    I​t could be argued that the Challenger is the last real muscle car, because it prioritizes straight-up brash fun over dynamics like both the Mustang and Camaro do. However, GM realized that they could fill the Muscle car void that sits between the Camaro and Corvette by bringing back the Chevelle to start around at $25k straight with the beginner RS trim debuting a new 3.5L turbocharged single scroll Inline-6 as a base engine rated at 398 HP. Coming next is the Chevelle SS powered by a 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 putting out 550 HP sitting at $43k. Coming at last is a range-topping trim codenamed "Banshee" putting out 750 HP from a supercharged 6.6L V8 which will sit at $66k. Aftermarket customization options will be available as online order to boost up performance and receive complimentary maintenance. The 6 speed manual and a 10 speed automatic from the Camaro will be offered.


    While Chevy and Dodge are battling it out, Ford casually struts past them and realizes that they want to join the fight just for pure fun and Ford brings out their grand weapon, the Gran Torino. The base variant will start at $29k and have a tuned and reliable boosted Ecoboost 3.5L V6 that puts out around 410 hp. Then comes the package at $45k taking the revamped 5.0L V8 and upgrading it to a 5.3L V8 with an output 560 HP. Finally, at $72k comes the ultimate range-topping package, "Mamba", which will feature a performance-tuned 7.3L Godzilla pushrod V8 putting out 810 HP. All the trims will come with rigid chassis tuning for grip around corners. The ride tuning will be comfortable & supple on all trims. The ten speed auto will be a no cost option. However, the Tremec T6060 manual will be a $100 option.

    H​onorable Mention: Nismo Leaf

    As much as the leaf makes a wonderful transportation device, it almost lacks personality. To remedy this, Nissan decided it will include a Nismo variant of the Leaf. Nissan's NISMO performance division decided the batteries will be reworked to perform very reliably, give more boost in performance, as well as more efficiency. Speaking of batteries, Nissan decided to fit a proper battery in terms of longevity. This is possible since Nissan figured it would strike a deal with Toyota/Lexus, so Nissan themselves can get the Toyota Proace EV's 15 yr./621,500 mile warranty electric battery that is also developed for the Lexus UX300e, which is said to be coming by the end of 2020. This battery would the ideal fit for the Leaf Nismo and would be a massive game changer for EV side of the auto industry. The battery will also be experimented for light weighting alongside carbon fibre. The chassis and overall exoskeleton of the Leaf will be reworked and tweaked specially by eliminating weight through shifting to low-density Magnesium as the basis of the Leaf Nismo. Nissan will dedicate 5,000 examples for Nismo to mold Magnesium as a overall body structure for the hot hatch. The Electro Power Assist Steering (EPAS) will be recalibrated to be more quicker, responsive, as well as wonderfully weighted. The brakes will be straight from the 370z. Carbon will also be inserted in the doors for an even more lighter feel and experience overall. The suspension will be taut to provide the ultimate hot hatch experience. Finally, as mentioned earlier, only 5,000 examples will be made and will individually be starting at $33k. This hatch will be available in Nissan's Asia, Europe, and North American markets. Besides who wouldn't love an EV hot hatch?


    L​amborghini is doing well and thriving with it's current 3-car lineup (Huracan, Aventador, and Urus) and in sales like never before. However, Lamborghini ought to start and dare with making even more masterpieces. Perhaps a masterpiece like the Miura can and should be replicated. A second generation had a chance of happening and it was close, but it didn't. However, it isn't too late. Everything from it glamorous gated shifter to its beautiful V12 can be brought back. This time the Miura will return as a limited edition. The rebooted Miura's weight is 2,600 lbs and will have the same V12 from the Aventador and will be transversely mounted. The tweaks the V12 will get is that it will be rated at 4.8 liters putting out 600 hp. This Miura will feature a gated 6-speed manual and a total of 100 units will be made. The beauty is, the new Miura will have a hydraulically assisted steering to deliver old school experience in a retro, yet modern package.

    Finally, w​hy not include a new LM002 as well?

    If Lamborghini were to reintroduce the new Miura, why not make another limited edition of a new bespoke, yet historically important model, the LM002? This time there would be 200 units of this V12 powered machine at 6.0 liters. I mean the Urus sells like crazy and helps improve Lamborghini's brand equity, so why not reintroduce the first truck that got Lamborghini into trucks/SUVs? Trucks, especially performance trucks (Raptor, RAM TRX, and the soon to be released Silverado ZRX) are the rage right now and sales do indeed reflect that. Lamborghini would unleash it's totally wild and desirable side.

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