- TrinidadRS Series, Part 3 - Under The Skin

Part 3 - "Under The Skin" #TrinidadRS

In this next video, we'll take a look at the removed body parts, the gearbox and the engine delivers a few surprises.

3y ago

If you've been following our #TrinidadRS video series, then I hope you'll be excited that Part 3 - "Under The Skin" is now live to watch on our YouTube channel. In this latest video, Mikey will be talking through our Autofarm philosophy to preserve as much of the original car as possible, he'll walk around the parts taken off the car and explain what will happen to them.

We share some lovely images as the gearbox gets disassembled and we get the first look at the state of the engine, with a few surprises. Click the attached link and view Part 3 - Under The Skin of the TrinidadRS. https://www.youtube.com/user/AutofarmPorsche

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