- Retro McLaren-Honda onboard with modern graphics? Yes please

Part two of modern graphics on F1 classics is here, and it's brilliant

This time it features a very timely Verstappen crash from 2001, and THAT opening lap by Ayrton Senna at Donington in '93

Last week I posted about how cool these modern graphics looked on retro F1 clips, and now there's a part two which features yet more of F1's best moments, complete with 2018 graphics.

The creator, Matt Amys, asked people on the original video what they'd like to see in a second instalment, and boy has he delivered.

I'm guessing it's no coincidence that he's chosen Jos Verstappen taking out leader Juan Pablo Montoya at Brazil in 2001 as the first clip, given that's all any F1 fan has heard about since THAT Ocon/Verstappen clash at the last Grand Prix.

Again, the graphics are seamless and look fantastic. And this one is marginally better than the first because it includes Ayrton Senna's opening lap at Donington in '93. Enough said.

But if you're reading this Matt, please make modern F1 races using late 90s graphics soon. PLEASE.

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  • I loved the "1st -- Last Name-------split time-------5th--Last Name" Have to be a regular fan to get that one, but it was funny!

      2 years ago