Partisan One SUV puts everything else before the visuals

This very odd looking SUV comes with a 100-year warranty and slightly unfinished bodywork

3y ago

This Partisan One SUV is the vision of one man for what he thinks is a viable alternative to the likes of the war-spec JLTV. Dr Juri E. Postnikov states that his Partisan One concept is full of cutting-edge tech which can be easily mass-produced with one single aim, to be the best car for the world’s worst roads.

If you think the design looks a bit on the primitive side then you’d be right, this according to the vehicles creator is deliberate with the shape coming from a simplistic twin-square design which continues throughout the car with the only curves being the (otherwise essential) rounded wheels and the steering wheel.

This being a vehicle that will be deployed in harsh environments, its ability to withstand impacts from modern warfare such as IED’s is a necessity. The circular recesses in the frame allow the attachment of armour plates; this extends to the floor where V-shaped armour can be attached to withstand ground-based munitions.

Underneath all those right angles, exists an engine of some sort, the company though is being a bit vague with the details though merely stating that there is the “possibility of installing various power units,” including either a transverse or longitudinal layout.

One of the main benefits of a vehicle built in this bolt on, bolt off layout is ease of build. The cars could be shipped in kit form with meaning that a multitude of cars could be shipped to random backwaters around the world. It would also be straightforward to create varying layouts including 6x6 pick up and flatbed layouts as prime examples.

When you consider that this SUV is not anywhere near production ready its maker claims that it could serve armed forces for 50 years or more, without being replaced. They even provide a 100-year warranty on the entire car including its wearing parts.

We will take ours in 6x6 in pickup form, please. Do you think the Partisan One will ever see action? Or is it just a flight of fantasy with really very odd looks? Jump into the #lol live chat to discuss.

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  • This is the inspiration?

      3 years ago
  • Sorry but is anyone else reminded of Geoff here or is it just me...?? 🙈

      3 years ago
    • They should have named it the eagle I thrust hammerhead mark III

        3 years ago
  • It's totally lego

      3 years ago
  • That looks soo like jeff

      3 years ago
  • In Apartheid-era South Africa, Chevrolet built an off-road vehicle for the military to replace the Land Rover, called the Nomad (not to be confused with the station wagon called by the same name in the US). The anti-Apartheid trade embargo scuppered plans for production, so the factory sold the remainder of their stock to civilians. You still find tons of them around (many still running with original mechanical bit in place...) Anyway, they look identical to this.

      3 years ago