Parts delivery!

The christmas you can enjoy all year round.

So I'm sat here, at work spinning up a Server 2012 R2 VM when 2 small packages get dumped on my desk. Brilliant! Car parts. Receiving car parts has got to be one of the best feelings in the world and recently I've come to realise it doesn't even matter what it is. It could be a new turbo, FMIC, exhaust or any other performance related component you care to mention, but the reality is, the excitement is the same every time.

Some people plan holidays throughout the year to give themselves something to look forward to, but I've found that just making sure I've got a steady stream of deliveries fills the same purpose. Sure, getting 10 deliveries at once of all the parts you need is fun, but spreading it over the month gives you lots of little breaks from the mundane.

Today it was the turn of my MFSW (Multi function Steering Wheel) buttons and cruise control stalk. Some of my favourite mods on cars are the OEM+ and optional extra retrofits. I like my cars to have every single optional extra I can. When buying the car I find the one that has the most/hardest to fit options and then look to fit the rest over time; xenons being a must this time round as it's near impossible to do.

In conclusion, if you're into cars the budget doesn't matter. Whether it's LED replacement sidelights or a set of cams, get ordering. It'll make even the shittest day that little bit more palatable.

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