Past Forty 3rd: 4 Door Cruiser part 3

A Cruiser for the family

1y ago

Welcome to Past Forty 3rd where I showcase models that I previously posted within the 1/43 range and smaller and sometimes bigger.

From the 2 door 40 to the 4 door 60, Toyota is now targeting the family. If you are interested to know more about the BJ40 series model, please click below.

The Land Cruiser 60 series was produced from 1980 through 1990 for most markets but the Cumana Plant in Venezuela continued production until 1992. Due to the quality built of the Land Cruiser a lot of these old models are still in used even today.

While the FJ or BJ40 series is built for ruggedness but lacks refinement, Toyota began offering the 60 series with better style and comfort that includes bucket seats, better interior and comes in manual with inline 6. This truck was designed for the family and if you ever decided to take the back road for a bit of off roading this truck can handle it.

This 1/43 model was made by a company called First 43 released back in December 2017. I like the 1/43 scale as the manufacturer can add more smaller parts than what is possible on a 1/64 that is realistic looking without having to enlarge it which might make it out of proportion with the model to avoid making it too fragile. This model comes in a display case and comes screwed on the base.

The wipers, side mirrors and lights are all individual parts and even the small brand name is legible that you almost think its the real thing. Comes with realistic looking wheels and rubber tires.

Of course I would have loved it if it has opening parts and suspension like the good old days but of course this was made for display and not as a toy so realism is a must. I also appreciate the look of this era besides the FJ40 and with this model costing way less than say a 1/43 Ignition Model this is definitely a good one to get.

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