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If you like collecting Japanese police cars, consider this classic Nissan Cedric in police livery.

Although not as well known as its cousin Skyline (which used to be Prince Motors) or little brother Bluebird (510 in the States) the Nissan Cedric played a key role in the Nissan family since 1960 as it was developed to provide upscale transportation, competing with at that time Prince Skyline and Gloria which were later merged into the Nissan family.

As most of us in this hobby knows that when it comes to great detail, there is almost no comparison with TLV in terms of their 1/64 line. I am glad that they are venturing into 1/43 as it has a lot more detail for you to enjoy like separate side mirrors, front antennae which shown lowered to probably avoid breaking it and other individual parts which makes this truly a highly detailed model and this would be an added bonus for people who also collect 1/43 as this will give them an opportunity to experience the TLV difference.

What I like about the TLV is unlike most adult collectible 1/43 which usually comes with securing screws underneath the base on an acrylic case which makes it slightly a pain to removed the model, this one comes in easy to remove box and still have great padding inside to protect the model.

What I notice on the 1/43 TLV is the box does not come with an English name so I have to acquire the info from the internet and is written as

Tomica limited vintage NEO LV-N43 Western Police Vol.04 Nissan Cedric patrol car

If you collect Japanese police car, I would highly recommend this model as this is still made of die cast and the wheels do roll.

Here is a 1:1 of a Nissan Cedric.

Photo borrowed from classic auto club website

Photo borrowed from classic auto club website

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