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Past Forty 3rd: A Classic Double Cab

And it's from Brazil

44w ago


Welcome to Past Forty 3rd where I showcase models that I previously posted within the 1/43 range and smaller and sometimes bigger.

Even before pickup trucks became popular here in the US, I was fond of them and have been collecting these for a while and unlike Jay Leno I'm limited to only die cast models but hey... I don't have to worry about insurance or even maintenance. :)

I acquire this a few years ago and from what I know it may still be available online. The manufacturer indicated this long pickup as 'Toyota Land Cruiser Bandeirante PickUp 1976' and is made by WHITEBOX.

So it seems like this is the Brazilian produced Land Cruiser and there was a debate on what gave the vehicle its name. Speculation is the word “Bandeirante” is the Portuguese word for ‘land cruiser’ or ‘pioneer’. Although Japan stopped producing the 40 series in 1984, Brazil continued its production until 2001.

Notice the grill and lights are slightly different from the classic FJ40. Most likely the Brazilian likes their car a little different from the norm.

The first Brazilian Bandeirantes were kits built in Japan and assembled in Brazil. The Bandeirantes have always looked nearly identical to the 40 series sold elsewhere, but by 1962, the Bandeirantes has use a version of the Mercedes diesel engine. Holy engine swap Batman. How did Toyota let this happen?

So what do I think of this model. Although it is considered a die cast and well made, however the roof and truck bed are made of plastic.

This model has a plastic base and includes a separate spare tire.

Over all detail of the model is good but....

Whitebox we have a problem

The acrylic base indicated that this is a 1976 model but I have my doubts so I made some research and it was a bit of a challenge getting info about the history of the Brazilian Land Cruiser. One website I found called ‘Brian894X4’ states that the pick-up version and the tell tale square headlights were added in 1983. Hmm.... would this have been a 1986 model then? But wait I found out that the new Toyota logo did not appear till 1989 and that is the logo in front of the casting. Here’s a 1:1 1989 Bandeirantes that has square headlights but instead of the new Toyota logo, it still has the word ‘Toyota’ on it.

Borrowed from Bringatrailer website

Borrowed from Bringatrailer website

So it seems to me this could have been a 90's model perhaps or if someone knows when the new Toyota logo appeared on the “Bandeirante” grill please share it on the comment section.

In conclusion, while there was a probably a mistake on the label on the base and I wasn’t exactly a fan of the new look since I wanted an actual classic Land Cruiser FJ45 pickup, this model can fill the hole for now.

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