Past Forty 3rd: B MY CRUSR part 2

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31w ago


It looks like a Land Cruiser FJ40. But is it really an FJ40 with a soft top?

Before we answer that, if you missed part one click below.


This was my 2nd acquisition of a 1/43 Toyota Land Cruiser collection on the ā€œJā€ series made by Ebbro.

So going back to the question of whether this is an FJ40 or not is pretty much depends on the type of engine. Ebbro released this more recent model with the soft top as the BJ40 thus the 'B' instead of 'BE' on the title and the primary difference is that the FJ is a petrol engine and the BJ runs on diesel.

Another info I picked up is that after the war, Toyota was commissioned by the US military to build a Jeep type transportation and thus the Land Cruiser was born.

If you noticed, it's seldom that American toy company manufactures 1/43 scale and the only one that is presently known to be releasing in this scale is Greenlight. Yet I don't see Ebbro slowing down as it releases a lot of the JDM cars which fills a vacuum for JDM fans and Ebbro more likely used the same tool for the casting from the previous Toyota FJ post with the main difference being a soft and hard top.

As a bonus the roof top is removable so you can see the interior pretty clearly.

Be aware that the removable roof top is fragile and care is needed to remove and reinstall again.

I gave it 5 out of 5 in detail, 5 out of 3.5 in quality control and 3 out of 5 for playable. Of course as with this kind of detail, caution in handling is required.

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