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Welcome to Past Forty 3rd where I showcase models that I previously posted within the 1/43 range and smaller and sometimes bigger.

I love nostalgic cars and these Toyopet Masterline are no exception as these are the times when designs were unique and bumpers are solid metal. Ebbro released these in 3 different styles and comes in 2 colors each (if my recollection is correct).

As Ebbro was my first exposure on collectible 1/43 whose price range even exceeded some 1/24, it was a gamble that paid off as I was not disappointed at the detail and realism of their model so I knew that getting these is a no brainer.

First let’s look at the 1959 Masterline light van.

It was considered a high performance commercial car that embodies all the features of the Toyopet Crown. You could called it a station wagon over here or maybe a pre-Highlander crossover type vehicle where the Highlander is based on the Camry and the Masterline is based on the Crown.

Next is the 1959 Masterline pick up.

A car with a truck body or a truck with a car body? A Ford Ranchero inspired design perhaps?

Lastly if you want to really give more option to people, why not include a double pick up or what we now call a double cab pick up as an option.

All of these are made of metal and plastic with rubber tires. They came package in acrylic display case with card board window box. Well there you have it. Great looking Nostalgic Japanese cars that may never see the light of day in any of our locally branded die cast company as these will not for now be as popular as the Nissan Skyline or the 510 but who knows how its going to play out in the future.

Here is a nice brochure of a Masterline Light Van.

Image borrowed from the web

Image borrowed from the web

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