PAST HERITAGE: Jeep Wrecker and Plow

A look at past USA toys (Tonka pressedsteel madeinusa)

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Have you ever thought of traveling back to see what your first toy car was or what you got for Christmas then? Well let's take a look at one of those playthings that you've probably encountered as a lad.

Buddy L was not the only company in town to manufacture huge pressed steel toys. Another American toy company better known as Tonka started as Mound Metalcraft which was created in 1946 in Mound, Minnesota, by Lynn Everett Baker, Avery F. Crounse, and Alvin F. Tesch. Their original intent was to manufacture garden implements but soon metal toys became their primary business. In November, 1955, Mound Metalcraft changed its name to Tonka Toys Incorporated. The logo at this time was an oval, showing the Tonka Toys name in red above waves, honoring nearby Lake Minnetonka.

During this period the Willys Jeep is one of the most popular vehicle out there and Tonka used this opportunity to incorporate a lot of moving parts. Let's examine the plow.

Tonka listed this feature as a 5 position plow.

The feature here is mentioned as 'Safe rolled steel edge'.

And the best part for me is the operational winch.

Another feature listed is called 'Flotation Tires'. I actually don't know what that means but my guess is they're stating the tires feels like real rubber.

In conclusion I would say this toy spells fun, fun fun.

It comes in a cardboard box with slits on the side that you can convert into a window display box.

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