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A look at past USA toys (BuddyL pressedsteel madeinusa)

6w ago

Welcome back as we look again to another toy from the past.

I previously showed you one of my Buddly L toys that were still made in the USA using pressed steel that brought back the good old days. Here is another vintage Buddy L that was played with but still survived to this day. This could have been a hand me down from one of my cousins or was given to me brand new.

The Buddy L truck has seen better days but the durability of this toy is a testament of US made toys that can handle rough handling and still remains mostly intact. The only problem I see is that this type of material is prone to rust if exposed to the elements. The original box with a tag of One No. 5413 on the flap is mostly intact with a few missing flaps on the other side and stains.

The tailgate opens so you can let the horse in which originally came with this toy. It also comes with a transparent windscreen that you assemble behind the cab. In my opinion that part is the weakest link as it is more likely to disappear or destroyed while being played with as it is the most fragile.

The front also comes with a simple spring suspension with 4 hard rubber tires and white walls.

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