Past Heritage: The BuddyWagen

A look at past USA toys (BuddyL pressedsteel madeinusa)

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Have you ever thought of traveling back to see what your first toy car was or what you got for Christmas then? Well let's take a look at one of those playthings that you've probably encountered as a lad.

Here is a VW kombi look alike made by a company founded in 1920 known as the Buddy L Toy Company in East Moline, Illinois, by Fred Lundahl.

Most of these type of toys that were manufactured in the US were huge and made of pressed steel. This one included a plastic base and chrome headlights. The area where the VW logo is located used to have a sticker with the Buddly L logo instead. Not sure if it was due to licensing issue or that the company with the permission of VW used their own logo to promote the brand.

This also comes with features like opening double doors. Note that the seats are upright as shown.

It has a transparent sliding moonroof.

And here the rear seats can be folded down flat making it an ideal place for sleeping and loading cargos.

This does not have the detailed you would find on adult collectibles since it is marketed for kids and this definitely has good play value. I bet most kids who had one gets a lot of joy out of it.

It comes in a cardboard box with slits on the side that you can convert into a window display box.

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