Past Present or Future TGT S2 Episode 1 Review

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The Boys are back for a second round of monkey business and this week they start Episode 1 in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

With the GT Tent now permanently fixed to the Cotswold’s in South England The Grand Tour can begin Touring? they will be touring in the sense that the GT Tent will stay in the same place and the presenters will travel the globe

The Globe is Still Our Playground

Jeremy Clarkson

Episode 1 opens with a different variation of the GT Theme this time played on the electric guitar

The episode then opens properly with the opening film in Switzerland where the boys test The Lamborghini Aventador S Honda NSX and the Rimac Concept one in a Series of Drag Races and the final event being the Swiss Hill-climb where Hammond’s Crash in the Rimac took place during filming for series 2 and this is shown in the episode.

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RIchard Hammond

New Changes

Celebrity Brain Crash is gone and is replaced with a new segment called Celebrity Face-off where this week Jeremy Clarkson is Joined by Talent Show Judge Ricky Wilson from The Voice UK and Actor David HasselHoff.

New Track

Gone is the dreaded Eboladrome from series 1 and it is replaced by a rather nicer track accompanied with gravel patches and dirt roads

Conversation Street is still the same as the previous series

The series will run for a total of eleven weeks and during the course of the series we will see the lads travel to places such as Switzerland, Croatia, Mozambique New York and many more

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