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Ladies and Gentleman: This is a $400 billion company...

Putting anything into perspective is always an important but difficult task, especially for some. At the time when Elon was hitting twitter making "420" jokes, the water at his new Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany - had its water supply terminated for not paying his bill. This in turn, immediately stopped the construction and everyone went home. At the time of this posting, he still has not paid his bill.

One german publication: Via Heise... "Tesla is temporarily unable to continue building its factory in GrÜnheide near Berlin. The Strausburg-Erker water association turned off the water because Tesla did not pay the money, said the association spokeswoman Sandra Poneksky on Thursday in Strausberg."

The water company sent Tesla "several warnings". However, once the "notice period expired" the water was shut off. Whoda thunk it....

Now, lets not start on the whole german environmental groups complaining about the building of the new gigafactory in a beautiful forest that he flattened. Nothing like cutting down prime forest to start a new factory, seems like Gryzzl move; Maybe, in an alternative world Leslie Knope should have convinced him to start his factory in some area that was hit economically and rebuilding was a much better "environmental" option for his car company that hides behind tax rebates to make a red book look black?

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