Pennzoil does the best commercials

You might have seen the latest short film by Pennzoil involving a Viper and an amazing overhead, sideways, flaming slow-mo shot. If not, then you can watch it just below. But it's not the first time the American oil company has done something like this...

This one with a Ferrari 488 GTB (also in brand appropriate yellow, or giallo, obviously) was the first one that autoplayed in my life. Again, great driving, punchy editing, some flames and subtle enough branding that it doesn't feel like a hard sell.

I love the shots at the junctions in this one with the Hellcat disappearing down a different street from the camera car. I'm assuming the denouement is CGI...

Strangely, given my love of driving on the dirt, this one with a Jeep Wrangler is my least favourite.

And finally, for now, a BMW M6 on the snow. I particularly like the shot with the Pennzoil train in the background. Yes, I like the bit where the advertising occurs...

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  • I live in the states and it's always going to be Mobil 1 for me, despite the advertising. It's a superior product to Pennzoil. Fast cuts and great editing can't convince gear (petrol) heads if the performance and quality can't match.

    *Biased comment: I drive a 2000 Audi S4

    2 years ago
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  • love the sound of the viper

    2 years ago


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