Pennzoil's Latest Short Film is Here: Escaping the Ring

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Now is a great time to be a car guy. Do you know why? They're figuring it out. They now understand that when it comes to content and products, people will buy into something that exudes quality. Substance. Craftsmanship. Purpose. And those companies that get it right deserve our recognition and praise.

Pennzoil is very much included with this judgment on the current automotive climate, and they've clearly spearheaded a competent marketing campaign in this regard. Recently, we've had multiple stunning examples of short films from Pennzoil subtly featuring storied performance driver Rhys Millen - Joyride, Airlift Drift, The Last Viper, and now Escaping the Ring. Rhys is truly carrying his father's legacy with Pennzoil into the future with his endeavors. Today, he's escaping the Nurburgring in a hot yellow BMW M4 CS.

Without further ado, here's the new short.

Seriously. How is a motor oil company making better quality advertisements than most full-length car movies? Regardless, Pennzoil would like to stress the importance of its relationship with BMW. BMW manufacturer recommended and labeled oil is Pennzoil Synthetic with PurePlus technology. For the uninitiated, PurePlus oil is made from natural gas rather than crude, and it features numerous performance benefits over traditional synthetic motor oil.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rhys and sitting shotgun while he ripped around a track, and yes, he is a god-like and just about the coolest guy ever. I just have only one gripe. Where's the feature-length film from Pennzoil?

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