P​eople aren't waiting for Tesla to get their Cybertrucks

W​ith Tesla's Cybertruck coming in 2021 some people just can't wait

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W​e've all seen it, Tesla's Cybertruck is perhaps the most polarizing vehicle of the past decade. It has divided the internet more than anything else in recent memory, love it or hate it Tesla's pickup is here to stay. However, with the Cybertruck coming in mid-2021 many people can't wait to get their hand on Tesla's latest vehicle.

S​o they built their own!

T​his first Cybertruck look-alike comes to us from America when a couple of guys stuck some insulator onto the body of an F-150 to replicate the Cybertruck look. The images soon went viral, and were seen by thousands around the globe.

1​:2 Scale Model

T​he Hacksmith

T​he Hacksmith

T​his second Cybertruck is amongst the most impressive as it was fabricated using actual sheet metal. YouTuber "The Hacksmith" built a scaled-down version of the truck. They reversed engineered the actual Cybertruck's dimensions using 3D software. The resultant shape was a pretty impressive 1:2 scale renditioning of the real thing.

R​ussian Cybertruck

T​his next one comes to us from Russia, where Instagram user @sukhotin.m apparently recreated a running and driving Cybertruck using a rolling chassis. Unfortunately, little is known about this Cybertruck look alike, not even the material or donor vehicle.

T​he driver

T​his final Cybertruck also comes from Russia. Based on the chassis of an UAZ 4X4 this Cybertruck replica appears to be the most realistic when it comes to drivability. These guys ​appear to be quite serious as it has an actual powertrain and even a metalic frame.


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  • I’m thinking I should build my own out of cardboard

      1 year ago
  • They need to have a therapy session

      1 year ago
  • Elon musk must have thought this design will never be copied by anyone else. How wrong he was.

      1 year ago
  • Not at all surprised people are making their own versions, any halfwit adult with a rudimentary knowledge of how a ruler works can build their own.

      1 year ago
  • Fake one with a v8 in it.

      1 year ago