People due Ford Bronco's could be receiving some very ironic presents

Can I suggest that they don't put these in the car?

1w ago

Due to the well-known semiconductor shortage worldwide(I think you know enough about that by now) a lot of cars are being delayed and the Ford Bronco is one of the most well-known examples of this. Understandably, future owners are not happy at all. Normally when you complain about your late order to any company if you are lucky you get ignored and if you are unlucky they give you the middle finger. Unlike most though Ford are actually prepared to give you something; though I'm not sure its a particularly good idea to team the potential gift with your new expensive investment.

What Ford has done is they have made a $1,000 fund for each potential Bronco customer and Ford have also supplied the dealers some suggestions as to what they can buy the future customers. They include the obvious including branded merchandise and Bronco accessories but one reported suggestion might raise some eyebrows.

What the dealers might offer the customers is their 'favourite bourbon or spirit' which is the one idea I would not follow as that could possibly promote drink-driving. Maybe Ford are trying to make people so drunk they forgot they ordered a Bronco? If it worked then at least they would have made a ton of money.

Well its either that or a few accessories to go on a car that doesn't exist yet. At least its better then nothing.

Or a middle finger.

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Comments (3)

  • I reckon that’s quite a good idea

      8 days ago
  • That's awesome 🤣

      8 days ago
    • I love the idea though I’m not sure what the law enforcement would think.

        8 days ago