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Perez says warm welcome for Ocon in Mexico despite Twitter death threats

The two drivers have had fierce competition so far in the 2017 season.

3y ago

Sergio Perez believes the people in Mexico has welcomed Force India teammate Esteban Ocon warmly in the last few days during their sponsor events.

The relation between the two drivers were strained since their Baku clash and a hit a 'low point' in Belgium, according to the Mexican - but since their talks, it has improved massively.

"I think since that point [the talks], everything has changed and the atmosphere not only between us but also the engineers and everyone, it's really good," said Perez ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix.

"Having both sides working together has made a big difference and especially going into next year, it is very important because it is a massive challenge and we have to work together for the benefit of the team, it is very important in the team that both drivers are united.

"Obviously, you want to beat each other, but it is important to have that respect and I think that respect is in place now, so that is something that keeps me happy and the atmosphere feels good.

"I don't think the fans [in Mexico] will be bad to Esteban, obviously, they will support me a lot here but I see no reason why they be bad to him. If anything every event we have done so far, they have been very good to him and not only to him but everyone else, they really like the sport and at the end of the day, this is just a sport and it is how it should be."

While Perez felt that way, Ocon revealed of receiving death threats from Mexican fans on his Twitter account, even until the last race in the US Grand Prix. The Frenchman has shrugged it off as social media threats, hoping that it just some over-enthusiastic fans.

Since the double clash, Force India has put in place a new rules of engagement, wherein the drivers are not allowed to race each other - the examples of which we could see in Japan and Austin.

Despite Perez's request to let him by Ocon, the team asked him to hold position - which Perez later on understood from the team's point of view as they want to be firm on retaining fourth place in the constructors' championship.

Sitting 91 points ahead of Williams and with a maximum of 129 points available in the next three races, there is a good chance for the Indian outfit to seal fourth this weekend. Perez believes the car will be strong - enough to firm its position, which could then help the team to ease off with its rules and allow them to race freely in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

"I think here we will be quite strong actually, we have couple of upgrades on the cars. I think the car should suit the track quite well, so I am definitely looking forward and to finish our season, which has been good in a very high," said Perez.

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