- Wheel fitment for the S15, as explained by Driftworks

Perfect wheel fitment explained by Driftworks

Stance, poke, Offset, camber – what does it all mean? Here's how to get a Nissan S15 sitting right…

4y ago

Getting a set of aftermarket wheels to sit right on your street or drift car is part dark art, part mad science. First you've got to contend with PCD measurements and centre-bore diameters. Then there's wheel widths and offsets as well as which tyres sizes to run – that's before you start thinking about alignment and wider aftermarket fenders.

Fear not – the top chaps at Driftworks are to the rescue with this handy and amusing video on mastering S-body fitment. The S15 remains one of the best drift cars on the market, with plenty of aftermarket choice. As well as being entertaining, there's some top advice on how to choose and spec wheels for your Nissan, with real life examples for comparison too.

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