The new 911 GT3 is turning into a phenomenon of sorts. And to no surprise. It’s nearly perfect in every way.

After watching the initial reviews, I’ve taken the old 911 GT3 poster off the wall and got one of the new GT3 up. Mum even asked me why I replaced the car with the same in a different colour. Yes to the untrained eye, it may look the same, but to me, they’ve made it all the more beautiful. And in that guards red!

The 911’s date way back to 1963 and have been evolving ever since, adapting newer technology into a timeless design. Porsche knows what intrigues a driver and makes the driving experience all the better with each iteration.

Well let’s start with the cars handling. Yes its steering is electric, a point which may upset many enthusiasts of old, but it’s probably the best electric steering in the world. With a sense of real feedback you know exactly what the front tyres are doing at all times. Thanks to dynamic engine mounts, super responsive steering, brakes as good as they always have been on a 911,the bespoke Porsche engine configuration right at the back, re-configured aero adding 20% more downforce, an all-new chassis and the rear axle steering setup present earlier on the 918 which it now boasts, this car lets you devour corners. The rear axle steering opposes the front wheels when in low speed corners helping take corners much sharper and turns with the front wheels in high speed corners aiding in stability.

And no, it isn’t as clinical as it all sounds. just an extra dab of the throttle sets this rear wheel driven machine into huge drifts.

The PDK system is better than ever and suits a more track oriented car like this but nevertheless, Porsche is also releasing a manual shifter, which in this world of double clutch auto’s, is a breath of fresh air to car enthusiasts. Brace yourselves for the most involving ride of your life.

The new sports exhaust system gives it an almost aftermarket sound, and sings a glorious tune ranging from low rumbles from the fiery pits of hell to the glorious highs of the angels above. Ear-gasm guaranteed.

The biggest change however on this new model is the engine. It is the very life and soul of this car. 4.0 litre naturally aspirated and by golly, is it the most rev happy engine ever. The absence of turbo's translates to 9k on the rev limiter. This engine screams, and thanks to the removal of some of the sound proofing to keep the weight down, you hear every bit of that engine from the cockpit. I can imagine pulling up at a red light alongside a bloke in his GT3 just revving his car for the fun of it, putting a smile on both our faces. Oh and once the light turns green, you’re going to have to be driving something really fast to out-launch him.0- 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds thanks to the 500 HP beast sitting in the back.

All in all, this is a super fun car to drive and you’ll never want to get out once you hop in. With a price tag of around 2.5 crore rupees, if you can afford it, I’d say its well worth every last penny.

All pictures sourced from Porsche's official website

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