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P​erformance mods you don't need

F​un end of year article to see yourself through to 2020

1y ago

T​op 5 worst mods for your car

W​e all want to extract the most amount of performance from our pride and joy and the costs of getting those gains can be astronomically high for many of us so here is a list of mods you should avoid at all costs. Simply because the do absolutely nothing for you.

G​o faster stripes

Despite the name they absolutely fail in meeting their objective. It simply is not possible for a stripe to make you go faster and more of them won't compound the additional speed you might anticipate. They may look cool on some cars, but only very few relatively speaking.

P​erformance badges

S​ticking an AMG badge on the back of your A160D does very little in the way in additional performance boosting. It is actually quite the opposite, it advertises to the world that you are in fact a bit of a bell end. The worst contenders I have had the displeasure of witnessing was a Nissan Juke M Sport.

A​ giant exhaust tail pipe

T​he tail pipe is a limited feature. Without the proper exhaust system in place it can only achieve a load noise due to sound vibrations. This noise might make you kind of the McDonald's parking lot but won't improve the use of gasses coming out of your engine.

A​ Turbo Whistle

O​ne of those little devices you stick in your exhaust tail pipe that makes a whistle noise when you take your foot off of the accelerator. One word for someone with one of them. Nodhead.

R​ice box bodykits

B​onus points if the aero is fitted the wrong way around. I suppose you could try and think that negative downforce makes a car lighter but don't kid yourself, we all know that is not true.

I​ sincerely hope that you all have a fantastic 2020 and I will see you all in the upcoming year. Love you all


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