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Performance Tiers - Where Does Your Favourite Car Rank?

A performance tier system for modern sports and race cars.

Ever since playing Need For Speed Pro Street I've always wanted to group cars into tiers. Each video game has its own way ranking cars and I've wanted to have something more concrete. While it's easy to group cars based on factors like braking performance or aerodynamic capabilities. It becomes a little tricky when factoring in power output. Today the power output of modern cars ranges from just below 75 kw or around 100 hp to over 1000 kw or 1341 hp. However, even if you divide them into ten tiers with 100 kw increments, 100 kw is still a massive difference and not representative of two cars in the same tier being of equivalent performance. I have however settled for a simple four tier system. I hope this system will be of some use to someone, or if not, provide a basis for some interesting discussions.

I originally planned to place the imperial conversions however I was going for a more technical look so I apologize to those who will need to convert it themselves.

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