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Personal Update/ Future Plans

Gonna Be A Few Changes Around Here

Just wanted to give a little update on my plans for the future on this platform.

I will now be doing four main series, with a rotation of two series per week. These series being:

1. Dream Drives

You Have one barrel of Fuel left, you can only go for one last drive, what do you go for? Welcome to Dream Drives....... Very simply this is where I will talk about my dream cars and what makes them so special to me. EP. 1 is already up feel free to give it a look.

2. Motorsport Mouth

Talking all things I love in motorsport with an emphasis on F1......EP. 1 is also up for this series too so feel free to take a look

3. Driving Diaries

Having in fact today passed my driver theory test and gaining my learners permit I will be documenting my attempts at learning to drive how ever successful or unsuccessful they may be.

4. Good News!

I will in this series give my opinions on all things car news related. ( The news that I find interesting anyway)

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  • Already love Motorsport Mouth.

      1 year ago