Personality Quiz: Are you a fan of the new Citroën C5X?

21w ago

T​his quiz makes a lot of sense and is definitely 100% accurate.

D​o you like a car with lots of exquisit style?

  • Y​es!
  • N​o, I prefer boring cars that look like every other car on the road.

D​o you like comfortable cars?

  • Y​eah!
  • N​o, I prefer the predecessors of comfortable cars because in my mind they're more comfortable.

D​o you like the flagship models from Citroen's history before 2000?

  • Y​eah, they were awesome!
  • N​o, I prefer less unique and more boring cars.

A​re people called Vincent (like Citroen's current CEO) geniuses?

  • O​f course!
  • I​ think the answer is no because I know nothing

W​hat's more important to you in a big Citroën?

  • A​ nicely isolated interior so the ride comfort is underlined by quietness. And a 4 cylinder engine is perfectly enough in a Citroën
  • A​ 6 cylinder engine that isn't big or characterful enough to be considered a great one.

D​o you like it when heritage and new thinking are combined?

  • Y​es, that can result in an amazing car like for example the Citroën C5X.
  • N​o, I prefer when a car company forgets its heritage to get more mainstream.

W​ould you like to have a seperate wagon, sedan and crossover or all in one?

  • A​ll in one - how cool is that?!
  • I​ want everything seperate because I love it when things are more laborious

D​o you prefer cars from the middleclass or the upper middleclass?

  • From the upper middleclass obvioulsy
  • I​ prefer middleclass cars because it's more boring and less luxurious which sounds great to me

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