Personality quiz: are you Ford or Ferrari?

1y ago

Are you a rugged, outdoors loving individual?

  • Yes, love nature and mud!
  • No, I'd much rather be inside sipping tea

Are you a leader that likes to dictate everything or one that likes to let others do their job how they want?

  • I'm a dictator, here is how we will be doing it and don't mess up my plan!
  • I trust others to do their job properly

Are you a perfectionist?

  • Yes, perfection is perfection!
  • No as long as it isn't terrible

Are you a revengeful person?

  • Yes, an eye for an eye! Only I'm taking both of yours...
  • No, being petty solves nothing

Do you prefer cars with great handling or great speed?

  • Can't beat a good cornering car!

Formula 1 or NASCAR?

  • Formula 1

Looks or performance?

  • Looks, there is no rush when you're looking good
  • Performance, I prefer looking at the Mona Lisa in my rear view mirrors

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