Personality Quiz: Are you Mercedes, BMW or Audi?

2y ago

Can you identify this item?

  • Manual gearstick
  • Umbrella handle
  • I can't see the 'D' for Drive

How many metres should you stay behind the car in front at 70mph?

  • Whatever the highway code says
  • 1 metre so they move
  • I hang back to be safe

What's your favourite German word?

  • Kassegehemmt
  • Schmetterling
  • Sehnsucht

Which set up do you prefer?

  • Oversteer
  • Balanced
  • Understeer

Pick your sport

  • Football
  • Golf
  • Squash

Which word best describes your ideal ride?

  • Smooth
  • Capable
  • Involved

What does the yellow light signify?

  • They wants to turn right
  • They're getting out of my way
  • Not a bloody clue

Would you wear lederhosen on a Tuesday afternoon?

  • Well I wear them every other day, so I guess I would
  • Yeah, why not
  • No

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