Personality quiz: Are you set for the future of motoring, or stuck in the past?

13w ago

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Are you a motoring luddite or a tech-geek? Caveman or futurehead? Retro or... er, jetro? Take our quiz to find out

You're at a restaurant. What kind?

  • A high-end fusion buffet
  • The kind where they give you a steak and a hot stone and you cook it yourself
  • A sushi bar where all the dishes are on a conveyor belt
  • Tapas. Get stuck in, everyone!

Time to buy a new TV. What are you going for?

  • 8K projector
  • 4K OLED, big but not massive
  • An old CRT from Facebook Marketplace
  • I'd rather go to the cinema with friends

You need a book for school, or work, or whatever. How do you get it?

  • Kindle. Boom. Done.
  • Find it online, have it sent overnight
  • I'll borrow someone else's
  • I'll go to the local secondhand book store and see if they have it

What shoes are you wearing?

  • Banging sneakers
  • Classic boots
  • Barefoot
  • Literally the self-closing Nikes from Back to the Future

To the barber! What are you having done?

  • Something asymmetrical and experimental
  • I'll just look online to see what's cool and ask for that
  • Something classic and timeless
  • Dreadlocks, and I'll do them myself

How many friends do you have?

  • So many
  • Just a few
  • Not enough. Sob

Favourite non-car-related sport?

  • Football
  • Freeclimbing
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Robot Wars. Shut up, it's a sport

Favourite film?

  • Tron
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Road Trip
  • Titanic. SHUT UP, I LOVE IT

Want a drink?

  • Something fancy with a cocktail umbrella and a sparkler in it please
  • Water, room temperature

What's the future going to be like?

  • The Jetsons
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Blade Runner
  • No idea, but it'll be great

Before we give you your results, do you fancy finding out how to invest in driverless cars with eToro?

  • Yes please!
  • No thanks

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Comments (92)

  • You're a manual gearbox and petrol engine sort of person

      3 months ago
  • You're a manual gearbox and petrol engine sort of person

      3 months ago
  • Driverless cars are your future

      3 months ago
  • Electric cars are your future

      3 months ago
  • You're a manual gearbox and petrol engine sort of person

      2 months ago