Personality Quiz: Find out what your Nurburgring weapon is

    1y ago


    Where will you stay at the Nurburgring?

    • In a tent next to the track
    • A near by hostel
    • A decent hotel
    • 5-star hotel only

    Pick your ultimate Nurburgring instructor

    • Michael Schumacher
    • Sabine Schmitz
    • Ayrton Senna
    • Keiichi Tsuchiya

    What's your pre-lap meal?

    • All you can eat Chinese buffet
    • Currywurst
    • Salad
    • Burger
    • Just an energy bar
    • Big bowl of pasta

    Pick your music for your lap

    • No music
    • Heavy metal
    • Classical music
    • Country music
    • Trance music

    Who do you bring with you?

    • No one
    • Your child
    • Your worst enemy
    • Best friend
    • Partner

    Which circuit will you practice on?

    • Nothing
    • Suzuka
    • Silverstone
    • Monaco
    • Laguna Seca

    Which best describes your driving style?

    • Erratic
    • Smooth

    Pick one accolade

    • Fastest lap time
    • Best crowd pleaser

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