Personality Quiz: Find out your perfect road trip

2y ago

How much of a risk taker are you?

  • That question is too risky to answer
  • I'll do a scratch card every now and again
  • You and me, duel to the death, LET'S GO!

How twisty do you like your life?

  • I weave between people when walking to work
  • "I see dead people" was about as far as I can go
  • I don't like surprises or twists at all

Choose your weather

  • Dramatic thunderstorm
  • Sunny spring day
  • Electric air with the threat of rain

Choose your road trip vehicle

  • Ford Mustang
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast
  • Land Rover Defender
  • VW Campervan

Which of these is most important to your trip?

  • Scenery
  • Companion
  • Twisty roads
  • Fun stuff along the way
  • Food

You see someone broken down at the side of the road, do you…

  • Stop and help fix the car
  • Keep going as it's probably a murderer
  • Slow down and offer your phone to call for help
  • Point and laugh

Would you let a pet come on the trip?

  • Yes, I would die for them
  • No, they won't fit and I don't want to pick up poo

How long is the perfect road trip?

  • 1 day - High intensity fun
  • 2 days - nice weekend trip
  • 3 days - long weekend
  • 4 days - proper long weekend
  • 5 days - Take the week off work
  • I'm taking a sabbatical from work

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