Personality Quiz: How much do you actually love your car?

2y ago

How often do you clean your car?

  • Every few days
  • Once a week
  • Twice a month
  • Once a month
  • When I can't see through the windscreen

How do you clean your car?

  • I don't
  • Paid automatic car wash
  • Paid hand car wash
  • Wash it myself at home
  • Get it detailed only using the best products

If a bird poos on your car, how do you react?

  • Meh, car was already dirty
  • It is pretty annoying, but not that angry
  • Super annoyed
  • I'll hunt down that pigeon and make an example of it in front of its family

If there is a chip in the paintwork, how do you react?

  • Leave it. It adds to the character
  • Fix it if it doesn't cost that much
  • Have a little cry, then get it properly sorted
  • Get the entire car repainted

Why would you clean your car?

  • I want other people to love me
  • I do it for myself. It makes me happy
  • I don't want the neighbours to judge me

How much money would it take for you to let someone scratch your car with a key?

  • Not for all the money in the world.
  • At least £100,000
  • £1,000
  • £5
  • A packet of crisps and a hug

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Comments (346)

  • It's an MG ZR...hate the driving too...hate everything about it...I question my own existence in this world without a decent car to drive...and last question is obvious...1000 doesn't get me another...10k would suffice...100k would give me car and enough diesel to go forever!

    So car is in danger...of me dying in it of boredom!!

      2 years ago
  • I’m not even fond of allowing passengers.... I have to ‘reign it in’ a little though as I’m married with kids

      2 years ago
  • You never gave the option for wash at home using only the best products. FFS I have a professional buffer! 😀😀😀😀😀

    You're one of the great car lovers!

      2 years ago
    • 2 years ago
  • I love my Hyundai but....things will be different if I have another car 😂

      2 years ago