Personality quiz: What GT car should you have?

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Answer these questions to find out which GT car you should get. 8 possible answers.

You wake up. How do you get out?

  • Wake me up before you go-go. Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.
  • It must be perfect. All edges are to be straight and my feet must land in an exact position.
  • My feet are on the pillow...
  • This bedsheet is not the same as I left it...Butler! Clean these bedsheets.
  • These bedsheets are so old. Who cares? Oldness means character.
  • This mattress broke under my secretive activities done in this last night that is too rude for you to know.
  • What should I do? I'll just copy my wife.
  • These sheets are ripped! Awful quality.
  • 2067 kickie-uppies, 2068 kickie-uppies; I'm so tired by now.
  • I get out of my cheap, nasty bed and onto my cheap, nasty imitation carpet.

Your up. How do you do your corn flakes?

  • I must put them on a scale to measure the exact quantity of flakes before I consume it.
  • I'll scoop the bowl into the bag of cereal like nobody else does.
  • Oh, oh, oh, oh, pouring these flakes, pouring these flakes.
  • Nobody can know about these. I must hide them after I have eaten today's portion.
  • Corn flakes are not nutritious enough for my rigorous activity.
  • Corn flakes? Pah! Below me.
  • I better read some instructions on how to do this and copy that.
  • The box is ripped.
  • Corn flakes are too expensive since I spent all the money that I don't own on petrol.

You arrive at work. What job are you arriving to?

  • Nobody really knows.
  • Engineering because I must be perfect in my perfected pursuit of perfectionism.
  • I am practicing my perfected art of art drawing.
  • I'm writing my new song.
  • I am the quintessential king or queen of my land.
  • I'm a footballer and I'm a knob.
  • I actually break things that could be used but I'm a backwards sort of guy.
  • I'm just copying the person next to me in the drawing department.
  • I flip burgers.

What is your lunch?

  • I'm going to a British pub.
  • My food must be measured out precisely before I can eat it and with the right nutritional ingredients.
  • The finest food that my chef has to offer.
  • It must be flamboyant and very tasty like me.
  • Whatever gets me the most energy and most attention.
  • My food was burnt.
  • I just nicked someone else's lunch because I can't be bothered to do my own.
  • My sandwich is upside-down.
  • A burger.

You get home. What do you find?

  • Something different every day. Depends on who is after my blood.
  • I find my desk and start doing more boring, perfect work.
  • I shall find my most comfortable sofa and sit on it.
  • I shall look at my painting.
  • Back to the kickie-uppies for me.
  • My door has fell off the hinges...
  • I shall find whatever my wife finds because I copy her.
  • I don't know where my lounge is since my bedrooms are downstairs.
  • I shall find some mindless, soul-destroying TV to watch.

Evening alcohol: what are you having?

  • Martini spirit, shaken not stirred.
  • Champagne.
  • Water because I am boring.
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Vodka

How do you go to bed?

  • With a lady.
  • While inspecting everything with a magnifying glass.
  • I am filing a complaint because my bed is 1mm too close to the light.
  • I must be flamboyant to arouse my other half.
  • I'm still kickie-upping.
  • My bed's still broken.
  • I'll copy my wife for the last time today.
  • Put my feet back where they came from: the pillow.
  • I'm very fat. My weight just broke the bed and I'm still eating.

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