PERSONALITY QUIZ: What is your Avengers character's daily driver?

A smug-looking Loki appears out of nowhere! You will:

  • Test his durability against the ground
  • Warn him about the consequences if he's up to no-good
  • Blast the horns out of his head
  • Make him obey me with a promise to rule the Earth
  • Ask him an honest question and buy his lying answer

Your besties are fighting! You will:

  • Smash them both - puny spandex and tin foil wearing guys
  • Try to reason with them - there's a bigger war coming
  • I'll let them slug it out - could be a good thing
  • Don't care, got no besties, only henchmen
  • Laugh vigorously with all my might

A strange Black Panther is hunting down your mates. You will:

  • Try to see if a panther can be squeezed into a ball
  • Smite him from the sky to make him leave us
  • Investigate who that might be and why is doing it
  • Put him on the list as well - just another one
  • Ask him if he's a real panther

An evil mastermind is trying to acquire all Infinity Stones. You will:

  • See how much fight this guy has in him
  • Forge a new weapon in case he succeeds
  • Put my mind to work to try and beat him
  • That's a great idea . . and then SNAP
  • Ask the biggest nonsense question in the galaxy

You've lost the battle and half of all life has vanished! What would you do?

  • Make peace with what I am and live with it
  • Get a place for my people and drink myself to fat
  • Start appreciating life more and create a family
  • "Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O"
  • Nothing - I'll be dust like the rest

Your team found a way to reverse time and fight again! You will:

  • Try to get back my mojo and help the good guys win
  • Get emotional, cry a little but eventually find my strength
  • Risk everything to once again be the hero
  • Oh snap! Can they do that? Not fair...
  • I'll be back from the dust for more awkward lines

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