PERSONALITY QUIZ: What is your Harry Potter character's daily driver?

No habla Parseltongue! πŸ˜‚

A strange looking Hogwarts teacher is acting suspiciously. You will:

  • Not notice that - too preoccupied with puberty
  • Talk to my father to consult
  • Follow him to see if he's up to no-good
  • Promote him in my ranks
  • Notice him, but can't suspect anything

A nasty Basilisk crawls out of the toilet. You will:

  • Freeze and try to keep my pants dry
  • " . . what are these people eating?!"
  • Fight the serpent with all I have
  • Say "Hello" and direct him to wreak havoc
  • See if it can make a good pet

You've got invisibility cloak and Hermione doesn't know about it. You will:

  • Whine to everyone about Hermione ignoring me
  • Don't care, too much shady stuff to do
  • Friend-zone myself and keep studying
  • Got better toys, will give it to my henchman
  • Will use it for hide-and-seek with my pets

Hogwarts is the last surviving stronghold against evil. You will

  • Coward in a corner somewhere in the basement
  • Try to find weak spots from the inside
  • Protect the school at any cost
  • Blow this joint with Avada . . Kebab-ra?
  • Summon my beasts to help me suurvive

Professor Dumbledore has been killed. You will:

  • Mumble and be scared
  • Be confused and confronted about it
  • Find the killer and make justice
  • Throw a party - one less to defend them
  • Mourn the guy and not keep it together

It's all over now. You will:

  • Get married, have kids
  • Get my life together like a good guy now
  • Try to preserve my school and legacy
  • Try to return from the other side again
  • Dunno . . maybe cuddle with a dragon

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