PERSONALITY QUIZ: What is your Star Wars character's daily driver?

A Sith lord is approaching. You will:

  • Call my master for we're doomed
  • Fist-bump him, he's a buddy of mine
  • Shoot him down like a Death Star
  • Call the Wookiee to give him a "hug"
  • Fly circles around him before I blast him

A Jedi master is approaching. You will:

  • Suspiciously bring him on my ship
  • Choke him from a socially responsible distance
  • Greet him in a customary respectful manner
  • Invite him to join the rebellion
  • Ask the master Jedi if he knows my master

Casually riding into space, you bump into Tatooine. You will:

  • Take a peek for some spare parts
  • Call the Death Star and blow this joint
  • Visit my old relatives
  • Just fly by it
  • Curiously touch everything there is to touch

A Death Star is spotted lurking in the horizon! You will:

  • Get up there to gather some intel for attack
  • Fly towards it and wave goodbye to the planet
  • Go on my ship with my trusty droid and destroy it
  • Attack it alone, until the rebel fleet arrives
  • "We're doomed!" and mild panic

The decisive battle is underway! You will:

  • Support the rebel forces from above
  • Smash the rebel forces where they stand
  • Fight the Dark forces because the force is with me
  • Blow the imperial fighters out of the sky
  • Run around in panic, hoping nobody will notice me

The battle is over, your side won! You will:

  • Take the spoils and get back to business
  • Rule the galaxy with my iron fist
  • Go into a solitary exile away from everyone
  • Celebrate with the rest of the winners
  • Go back to my peaceful farm life

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