Personality quiz: which American car brand are you?

2w ago

What country, besides America, makes your favorite cars?

  • England
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Other

Do you enjoy the outdoors?

  • Yes, I'm almost always outside
  • I don't mind a nice stroll or a bit of gardening but lets not get crazy
  • Nope, why would I go outside when there's inside?

Thoughts on electric cars?

  • I think they're very cool and I would not mind owning one!
  • Meh, I have yet to see one I love but I do think they're the future, and I do think the tech is interesting
  • I HATE electric cars with every cell in my body!

Are you reluctant to change?

  • No, I move with the times, it's all about adapting!
  • I don't hate change but if things could stay the same for a bit that'd be nice
  • I'm at the "still listens to records and has a flip phone" level of reluctance to change

Besides price, in your eyes, what is most important to a car?

  • Looks
  • SPEED and POWER!
  • Interior quality and technology
  • Off-road ability
  • Reliability

What type of vehicle do you like best?

  • SUV
  • Hatchback
  • Sedan (2 or 4 doors)
  • Pickup truck
  • Minivan
  • Supercar
  • Muscle car
  • Convertibles

What is your favorite type of racing to watch?

  • F1
  • GT racing
  • Drag racing
  • Rally Cross
  • I don't like watching racing

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