Personality Quiz: Which classic Porsche 911 are you?

    2y ago


    Pick your German band

    • Rammstein
    • Kraftwerk

    Pick your German food

    • Schnitzel
    • Bratwurst
    • Pretzel
    • Currywurst
    • Apple Strudel
    • Sauerbraten

    Pick your circuit

    • Hockenheimring
    • Nurburgring

    If someone challenged you to a drag race at the traffic lights, what do you do?

    • Accelerate behind them for 50m, then power passed
    • Pretend to ignore them then smoke them
    • Ignore them
    • Politely decline
    • Nod, then smoke them

    Pick your German racer

    • Michael Schumacher
    • Sebastien Vettel
    • Walter Röhrl
    • Hans-Joachim Stuck
    • Stefan Bellof
    • Nico Rosberg

    Pick your city

    • Berlin
    • Stuttgart
    • Frankfurt
    • Hamburg
    • Munich
    • Cologne

    When is it appropriate to wear Lederhosen?

    • Every day
    • Special occasions
    • Never

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