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Have you ever wondered which F1 team principal you have the most resemblance with? Or maybe which personality traits of yours resemble the likes of the current F1 team principal? Well no worries, I got your back! Play this quiz to know which F1 team principal you are.

Your driver is running pole position and commits a mistake resulting in retiring the car and your rivals winning.

  • Do you lose your cool?
  • Do you stay calm and quiet and publically defend your driver?
  • Do you consolidate your team and driver for trying their best?
  • Do you ignore all the media?

How do you interact with the media?

  • Have fun, socialize with other people.
  • Only speak when needed.
  • Not afraid to say anything(Jose Mourinho Esq)

Your star driver is struggling with his performance since the start of the season and has been getting poor results.

  • Do you motivate and support him personally?
  • Do you tell him that he's on thin ice?
  • Do you fire him? (No room for mistakes here)

Both of your star drivers have a problem with each other and aren't willing to get along with each other.

  • Do you reach try to resolve the matter internally by trying to reach a mutual understanding between the both of them?
  • Do you take a step backand let the two of them figure it out?(They are adult ffs)
  • Do you take sides with the 1st team driver to make sure he feels valued at all cost?
  • Do you fire them both for publically hurting your garage's image and reputation?(Your house, your rules!)

Your driver disobeys the team order of not letting his teammate pass through.

  • Do you politely remind him to be a team player and let him through?
  • Do you shout at him out of frustration and force him to let his teammate through?
  • Do you remind him that this is your team and he better do as you otherwise it won't be long till he's replaced?
  • Do you let the situation go and talk about it after the race?

Your 2nd driver is retiring from the sport and you have the responsibility to find his replacement for next season.

  • Do you hire a pay-driver?
  • Do you hire an experienced driver?
  • Do you hire a driver from your academy team?

What's your money personality?

  • Big spender, YOLO!
  • Emotional Spender
  • Investor
  • Mega Saver

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