Personality quiz: Which German car manufacturer are you?

6w ago

Do you get a good company?

How many cylinders would you like the your German manufacturer to be most famously associated with?

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • They never made up their minds as to what engines to actually use

Which of these situations would you rather be in?

  • Saluting a person of a high ranking with a straight arm with an angle of around 30 degrees while growing a moustache
  • Choking people with your exhaust
  • Filling your teeth with Botox
  • Not using your indicators then crashing
  • Not really having much of a business plan then go broke
  • Paying well over the odds for a rather mundane car.
  • Having to copy all of your work from the person sitting next to you

Which German city do you prefer?

  • Stuttgart
  • Wolfsburg
  • Munich
  • Ingolstadt
  • Russelsheim
  • Nuremberg
  • In a very un-German shed

How many companies will have merged to form your German car company?

  • Just the one standalone brand
  • This one wants a partner-in-crime
  • 4 different companies work here
  • Erm... I've lost count

What non-car product should these people be experts at?

  • Trucks
  • Propoganda
  • Aircraft engines
  • Making too many business deals
  • Debt
  • Badges
  • These people only make cars!

Which of these quirky features should be present in their cars that makes you stand out?

  • Ultimate luxury
  • Superior driving dynamics
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Ultimate speed
  • Air cooled engines
  • Nothing about this brand is really that interesting

Do you like German cars?

  • Yes of course! Why else would I play this?
  • No! I like America. USA! USA!
  • I only like the quality of their tracing paper
  • I'm here to get their most embarrassing result EVER!

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