Personality Quiz: Which legendary racing driver are you?

      2y ago


      Choose your circuit

      • Monaco
      • Pikes Peak
      • Daytona

      How would you celebrate another victory?

      • Get another huge tattoo
      • Splash out on new cowboy hat
      • Brandy and cigars

      You’re going dancing. Do you…

      • Shake your hips at a samba class
      • Grab a beer and sing along with an oom-pah band
      • Don your kilt and head to a ceilidh
      • Go line dancing
      • Strictly ballroom, my dear
      • I don’t dance, I rap

      Which of these takes the most skill?

      • Red Bull Air Race
      • Powerboat Racing
      • WRC
      • MotoGP
      • Nascar
      • F1

      OK then, which is your favourite?

      • Red Bull Air Race
      • Powerboat racing
      • WRC
      • MotoGP
      • Nascar
      • F1

      What’s your ideal holiday?

      • Waterskiing off the beach
      • Camping under the stars in the back of beyond
      • Take the private jet to Ibiza
      • Straight to Vegas

      What is your driving style?

      • 100% commitment on every lap
      • I'll do anything to win
      • Smooth and silky
      • Cool and calculating
      • Plenty of opposite lock, sideways out of every corner

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