Personality Quiz: Which limited-edition Aston Martin are you?

4w ago


Which characteristic trait means the most to you?

  • Looks
  • Speed
  • Exclusivity

What body style would you prefer?

  • Classic Coupe
  • Anything that makes me faster on the track
  • Something unusual

Do you like taking inspiration from the past?

  • Yes
  • No

Should your car be heavily influenced by the James Bond franchise?

  • Yesss! I want his cars and his gadgets!
  • A mild inspiration might do it for me
  • I don't like secret service people

Where would you use your limited-edition Aston Martin?

  • On the track, of course!
  • Winding down the Swiss Alps
  • My go-to red carpet car

Final one: What kind of engine would you prefer?

  • Straight 6
  • V8
  • V12
  • V12 turbo

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