Personality Quiz: Which of my 1/18 cars are you?

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    This doesn't feature all of my 1/18 cars. I may make a second part with other cars as results if I you enjoy it though.

    What do you want to have the most as a car?

    • Elegant Looks
    • Powerful Looks
    • Speed
    • Power
    • Practicality
    • Offroading abilities

    Where do you want to come from as a car?

    • USA
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Great Britain
    • France

    Do you want to be a classic or a modern car?

    • Classic!
    • Modern!

    Do you care about enviromentalists?

    • NO!
    • A bit.
    • Yes.

    Where do you want to be mostly driven?

    • On the highway!
    • In the city!
    • On the racetrack!
    • Next to a cafe with lots of people admiring me!
    • I don't need paved roads to drive!
    • On the Autobahn/interstate/motorway!

    What sort of car do you want to be?

    • Coupe!
    • Supercar!
    • Sedan!
    • Minibus!
    • SUV!
    • Hatchback!
    • Convertible!
    • Limo!

    Do you want to be a very reliable car?

    • No, there are more important things than that!
    • Of course! I won't let my driver down!

    Where do you want your driver to live?

    • In a suburb!
    • In the countryside!
    • In a villa!
    • In a city flat!
    • Near a race track!
    • On a campsite!

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