Personality Quiz: Which TG/GT homemade car are you?

3d ago


16 years of building nonsense machines, which one are you?

Which era of the trio do you like best?

  • The good old 2000s (Series 2-14)
  • Top Gear in the 2010s (Series 15-22)
  • The Grand Tour

Where are you most likely to fall from?

  • The Empire State Building
  • Your car's roof
  • THIS diving board

Which Keanu Reeves are you most like?

  • Ted Logan
  • Neo
  • John Wick

Which form of motoring is best?

  • Flying through the air
  • Off-roading
  • Roaming the backroads
  • Taking the scenic train journey
  • Waterways to show who's the boss

How good are you at mechanical work?

  • *Laughs nervously*
  • I know that a hammer is used to hit things.
  • Give me the tools and I can build the Eiffel Tower in a week.

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