- The gold and jewelled Ford Escort made by Russell Lord (My own photo)

    Petrolhead Jeweller makes a miniature Ford Escort from gold and precious stones

    A jeweller with a love for the classic Ford completes a miniature replica to benefit childrens charities

    2y ago


    At the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car show held at the NEC near Birmingham last weekend all sorts of classic cars were gleaming in the lights and admired by show goers. Few gleamed as brightly as this platinum, silver and gold miniature Mk2 Ford Cortina.

    There are also working miniature tools crafted from precious metals (My own photo)

    There are also working miniature tools crafted from precious metals (My own photo)

    The model comes complete with bejewelled brake lights and tools which work and it took craftsman Russell Lord of Lord's Jewellers more than 1,800 hours to complete. Speaking to Mr Lord at the show yesterday, he told me that the model has a working front and rear suspension, steering rack and gear stick and the model weighs in at 900 grams. The spanners and sockets are all hand made from precious metals too and do function on the car.

    It even has a gold and platinum jack (My own photo)

    It even has a gold and platinum jack (My own photo)

    Mr Lord has worked as a diamond setter and jeweller since he was 15 years old, with 45 years in the trade. He started the car 25 years ago, but was too busy to finish it and has now completed the project so that the miniature MK2 can be auctioned to raise money for childrens charities. It is hoped it will realise at least ÂŁ100,000 from the sale which will take place as an online auction in December. One of the charities they hope will benefit is the Maddi Foundation which raises money for and awareness of a very rare type of Spastic Parapleigia, type 15.

    You can see Russell Lord talking about making the car, his abiding passion for Mk2 Cortinas, which he has owned over 52 of over the years, and also some information about the Maddi Foundation in this video below.


    Mr Lord has already started working on a second miniature car and says of the MK2 Cortina '...it's like driving nothing else... it's a brilliantly put together little car...'. His skills as a jeweller and his passion for diving the Cortina shine through in the video as much as the miniature replica gleams in the lights.

    Russel Lord in his workshop with the model (Photo BBC)

    Russel Lord in his workshop with the model (Photo BBC)

    What do you think, would you immortalise your favourite car in precious metals if you could? It's a stunning piece of work and hopefully will benefit the charities enormously.

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    • got to admire the workmanship

        2 years ago
      • The detail was amazing, but he loves his Mk2 Escorts so I guess he knows them inside out.

          2 years ago
    • Wow, that is amazing! What a labor of love. And to give it away for an auction.

        2 years ago
    • Now that's one turd you CAN polish!


        2 years ago
    • Very bling.

        2 years ago
    • Absolutely beautiful! I think it is amazing!!!!

        2 years ago


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